Life lessons.

Yesterday we submitted our application to the Echoing Green Fellowship.  I can’t help but reminisce back to all of the different competitions, fellowships, and grants that we’ve applied for with Jerry.  What does it all add up to?  Every time we’ve applied for something it forces us to articulate exactly what is is our business does.  Each iteration has been better than the next, and more importantly has helped us to realize the full potential of our ideas.  I can’t help but encourage everyone to apply.apply.apply to EVERYTHING!  If for no other reason than to practice writing about what you do, it is insanely valuable.

There is also a hidden perk, a silver lining if you will, to writing these applications.  95% of the time they end up amounting to nothing.  They get you used to failing early and often, a recurring theme in most of my life experiences.  You can continually tweak what didn’t work so that when it really counts, you know that the description of what it is your business/product/idea does is engaging, compelling, and actually conveys what you want.


Aaron out.